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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why an Italian restaurant in India?
    Why an Italian restaurant in India?
    Already an institution in itself internationally, Prego is a well differentiated Westin branded restaurant concept. It’s growing popularity and established reputation in markets like Singapore, China and Malaysia, the uniqueness and appeal of the concept itself makes us believe that Prego will be well received in Mumbai. Also with Italian food becoming more and more popular in Mumbai, there is a huge opportunity for Prego to be extremely popular. The concept of Prego fits well with the lifestyle approach of Westin as it impacts the lives of people and inspires them towards healthy eating
  • What is the concept?
    What is the concept?

    Prego is known for friendliness, fun and great food. People, Passion, Pleasure is indeed the Prego positioning. “Come as you are” is our catch phrase. Noisy, lively, vibrant, Prego is engaging for a great interactive fun dining experience. Nothing stays constant at Prego; there is always action, movement and changes. There will always be new ideas to keep the interest alive.

  • What are the important features of the restaurant?
    What are the important features of the restaurant?

    ·         Loud Italian and Mediterranean pop music

    ·         Aromas from the kitchen and coffee bar

    ·         Feature island bar and wine display wall

    ·         Open kitchen, deli display for take away

    ·       Fun, even outrageous, efficient and friendly service with gimmicks

    ·         Happy Hour at sunset / chill out sessions late at night

    ·         Bubblicious Brunch on Sundays with Barbeque

    ·         Alfresco dining in courtyard

    ·         Signature dishes

    ·         Fun kids menu and drinks 

  • Where is Prego located?
    Where is Prego located?

    Prego is located at the ground level of The Westin Mumbai Garden City. It has an independent entrance and can therefore in many ways function as a standalone restaurant. Since it shares a common entrance with the Commerz section of the building it will enjoy footfalls from this target audience while its access from the Hotel Lobby will allow in house guests to enjoy the Prego experience as well. The location of the restaurant will allow it to have its own external entrance and individual identity, as if it were an independent outlet.

  • How is it different from other Italian restaurants?
    How is it different from other Italian restaurants?

    Walking into Prego signals the beginning of a stimulating hedonistic affair with food in a chic, modern and fun Italian atmosphere.


    Prego is all about an attitude and a fun dining experience. It is more than authentic, rustic Italian food.  Its smile stimulation activities that form an integral part of the Prego experience set it apart from any other restaurant.

  • How is Prego in Mumbai going to be different from Prego in any other city or country?
    How is Prego in Mumbai going to be different from Prego in any other city or country?

    Westin Hotels and Resorts believe in a consistent dining experience across its branded restaurant concepts and Prego will aim to provide this across cities. The ‘We love it” section on the menu will be consistent across all Hotels, however the menu will see subtle variations. The Westin Mumbai Garden City is the only Westin Hotel in India to have an Italian Chef. This is indeed our USP.