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  • From Italy, with love.
    From Italy, with love.
  • The Best of Italy in one place
    The Best of Italy in one place
Experience a taste of Italy
Since 2009
Experience a taste of Italy

A casual, upscale, and contemporary trattoria-style restaurant, Prego indeed is replete with fun, laughter, and surprises. Rustic Italian fare, tantalizing aromas of freshly baked Panini & focaccia, wood-fired oven pizzas, and an open kitchen interspersed with cheerful and efficient service make for an inviting and memorable culinary journey.

  • Mixology
    The bar at Prego offers both classic and contemporary Italian cocktails - alongside a bespoke list of the finest Italian wines. The mixologists flirt with innovation and transform drinks into full-blown pieces of art. Our bar artists adapt a distinct personal style and approach presenting a new wave of bespoke drink experiences.
  • Cocktails
    From traditional classics to modern twists, our skilled mixologists at Prego have it all curated, for experiences that will leave you in high spirits. Make your night out count, enjoy artisanal cocktail crafted at The Westin Mumbai Garden City
  • Wine & More
    Wine & More
    Prego hosts an exquisite collection of premium wines from around the world and thereby best complements the striking culinary flavors. When you decide to indulge with Italian food, you have to include wine; but not just any wine.
Private Dining
Private Dining
Guests can enjoy a lively show kitchen while feasting on fresh pastas, homemade bread, and delicious hand-tossed pizzas. Our outdoor dining area - Al Alfresco provides a relaxing setting for a perfect meal experience. Share a bottle of premium wine at Al Fresco for a magical journey to the hues, aromas and flavours of Italy. Whether it's a quick meeting over a pizza, a fun evening with the girls or a romantic encounter over cheesy, saucy pasta, Prego fits all occasions.